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 Books that have helped me ...
There are many how to books on creative writing and publishing and really the best advice I can offer is just to make sure you're doing it - most of the books say the same thing. Don't get bogged under, be selective. If you don't know the author... how successful are they? Here are my must haves  that I will update from time to time...             

Stephen King On Writing

About being a writer and about the process of writing from one of the masters of story-telling

Christopher Vogler The Writer's Journey

Story analysis: all the ingredients of story telling from its roots and how story analysis shapes plot, character archetypes, quests, great for children's writers in particular but suitable for all

Robert McKee Story

Mainly about screen writing. but a lovely look at how story telling varies between forms and what is story, recommended

James Scott Bell Revision and Self-editing

Everything to guide you through the process of revision and editing your MS

Strunk & White Elements of Style

Small book with all you need to know about grammar, made simple -- standard textbook used in many universities

Newman & Mittlemark How not to write Novel  

Funny look at the dos and don'ts of fiction writing that really brings it home!

David Armstrong How not to write a Novel

In contrast to the book of the same title (above) this book by the successful mid-list crime writer, reveals the nitty gritty of how hard it really is to make a living as as writer, well worth reading

Nicola Morgan Write to be Published

Great book with everything from how to write, structure, plot, narrative to how to find an agent, write a synopsis, etc *highly recommended*

Nicola Morgan Write A Great Synopsis (e-book)

This says everything I say when I help with synopsis writing, clear simple, takes the agony out of it!

Larry Brooks Story Engineering

Everything you need to know to get to grips with story structure and plot, well worth a read