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Novels and Short Stories

Believe ...

It's not easy getting published, as both a writer and a publisher I see it from both sides of the fence!
I offer to critique your work at an affordable price.

Please feel free to email me  if you have something you think would benefit from critiquing but you need advice first. I love to hear from other writers.


First three chapters of a novel (up to 8000 words *) and synopsis review including full editorial report and free follow-up £75  


FULL EDIT (CRITIQUE) starts at £250 for 50,000 words ... average 100,000 word novel £350 

COPY EDIT (Short report) starts at £200 for 50,000 words ...  average 100,000 word novel £300

PROOF-READ ONLY starts at £150 for 50,000 words ... average 100,000 word novel £250

Email me your proposal with word count for an exact price and to discuss the service you need, no obligation!

*There is the option for a follow-up on full edits post-revision. I can no longer do that for free, but I can offer a special rate, approx. half original price for a second review in the form of a copy edit and proof-read after revision ready for submitting or publishing

Discuss price when you submit and this part can be paid later. This is not obligatory!



Short Stories
Give your short stories the best chance when you submit to competitions, magazines, publishers. I offer a full critique, which includes a copy edit, proof-read and full editorial report, free follow-up on flash pieces.
Flash Fiction (up to 1200 words) full critique/copy edit plus follow-up
Short Stories 1200 to 5000 words for annotated text and full editorial comments sheet. 
Full critique and follow-up if needed


Email me for any other proposals or if you have a novel you want me to look at. Or your have stories of odd lengths and I'll provide a quote. I also edit non-fiction including memoirs so email me first!


You need to decide if you need a FULL EDIT (CRITIQUE), a COPY EDIT without a full report, so annotated text only, or just a final PROOF-READ

Send me your proposal and I'll give you a price and discuss what you need



Anything else please email to discuss rates.







I accept payment by cheque, BACS or PayPal using the email address  (but please pay the transaction fee if you use the PayPal option).

I aim to send the full report on short stories within 14 days,  longer for novels and novellas and depending on current workload --  but I will indicate in my response how quickly I anticipate getting back to you. If you have a deadline please indicate when you submit your story and I'll do my best to accomodate that.

Please send your story as an emailed word document attachment indicating the service you need.

I will send your completed critique by email.

So what do you get for the price? I will annotate the text with suggested revisions (as I would editing for a Bridge House book) but I will also provide a full editorial comments sheet on narrative voice, plot, pace, characterisation, dialogue, overall comments as I do when I work on Cornerstones' reports. If needed I will also send useful sheets about formatting, story arcs, character arcs and so on.

Of course I can not guarantee your work will be published but I can certainly help to make it more publishable and offer advice on how best to place your work.

If you have any questions or concerns please email me first!