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Professional Editing Services

What do you need?

Full Critique, Copy edit or Proof-read?

Planning to send your manuscript to an agent or publisher?
Planning to self-publish your book?

What does an editor do?
A good editor does not change your work and rewrite it for you, an editor will only change obvious typos and grammar or formatting errors (but in track changes so you can choose whether to accept the change).  An editor provides guidance, with suggestions and ideas for improvement, discussion of plot weaknesses, voice,  poor structure. I believe my approach is very personal and always honest, but also encouraging. I always remain true to your story and your style and never turn your story into something you don't want it to be! I believe the most rewarding editor-writer relationships are built on trust and  are educational, you learn as the editor guides your writing and you become a better writer.

Why do you need an editor?
As both a writer and a publisher I know how hard it is to get your work accepted. I know how good you need to be. And I know how hard rejection is to deal with, but sadly it's part of the job. So you really owe it to yourself to make your work as good as it can be. And that's where editors come in.

What if you plan to self-publish?
Given how hard it is to find an agent or a publisher, it's not surprising more and more of us are considering self-publishing as an option. With it being so easy to publish to Kindle or paper books with Print On Demand publishers like CreateSpace it's an increasingly acceptable way of getting your work out there.

But did you know, according to latest figures only 29% of self-published authors pay for a professional edit? If you're going to self-publish, and especially if you see it as a stepping stone to getting an agent and a publisher, give your work the best chance. Pay for an editor.

There are many offering the services I do, some a lot more expensive, and I dare say some cheaper BUT choose someone wisely and someone who comes with recommendations. While there are the exceptions to the rule, like the writers who have been overlooked by mainstream publishers, whose self-published novels sell in the thousands, self published books on average sell less than 200 copies! Really. And sadly many of the books rejected by agents and publishers are rejected for good reason. They were not ready. Some are almost ready. But without exception writers need editors. Ask any successful writer and they'll tell you they could not have created the book they did without their editor.

So if your self-publishing company includes an editorial package take it. If they don't or you are doing it yourself, employ an editor.

I offer different levels of editing, so you need to ask yourself where you are in the writing process, is this a first draft or a tenth? Who else has looked at it? 

What levels of editing are there?
I offer different levels of editing, but by far the most common one and the one I advise to writers whose work is yet to be seen by an editor, is the first option. But I offer all three. I am happy to discuss specifics with you.

  •  FULL EDIT I provide a line by line copy edit, looking at the narrative, structure, inconsistencies, narrative flow, clunky sentences, meaning, correct typos, formatting etc. These are marked on the document. I also provide a full in depth critique in the form of an Editorial Report looking at voice, plot, pace, dialogue, characterisation ... etc. I will show you how to reshape the novel if it needs it. Most clients opt for this whatever stage they feel they're at with the novel, but certainly first, second, third drafts benefit most from this.  Average 100,000 word novel: this costs £350.

  • COPY EDIT This is as above but without the full report and tends to be when a manuscript has been critiqued and needs more of a focus on the narrative and flow rather than plot issues, changing voice etc. But it will sharpen and focus the narrative and get it ready to be type-set. Average 100,000 word novel, this costs £300.

  • PROOF-READ This is the final stage before publishing and happens after a novel has been typeset. This involves correcting typos, inconsistencies in formatting, flow and meaning. Average 100,000 word novel £250.

Please email me your proposals for a quote

I can take care of all your writing needs but work mostly with fiction writers. However, I also offer an editing service for those that have written non-fiction, I have edited memoirs for example. I have also edited reports and articles providing a professional polish to make it market ready. Everything considered, so please contact me for a quote, the price will depend on the nature of the work and how much work is required- based on word count.

Preferably all work will be conducted my email but I can copy edit and proof read hard copy but will charge postage and packing to return your work.