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Tailor- Made Mentoring Scheme
 To Suit Your Writing Needs

Six Week Programme of feedback on a work in progress; novel, novella or a collection short stories, one hour a day (5 days a week) one to one mentoring including telephone and/or email critiquing now £300


This will take the form of feedback on submitted stories by email and telephone, full editorial critique and discussions. This might be useful if you have a particular project in mind, a group of stories, a novel, a novella.

I can't guarantee your work will be published of course but I can offer you my experience as a writer/publisher/editor to make it more publishable or whatever your goal for it is. It is possible I might be able to work with you towards publishing with Bridge House if it's a short story collection of a high standard.
If you are interested I would need to see samples of your work to make certain I am the right person to help you --  when I see how much work is needed and how long you would like to work with me we can tailor-make the program that would suit you best .
Email me to start with, tell me what you think you need, if this is for a specific project for example and send me a sample of your work. I will then email or phone you (if you leave me your number) and we will work out what might work best for you.
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