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Why one-to-one feedback is so helpful

Since I started to work with new writers, many have become friends, not just clients. In something that's hard to validate, it's the fact so many come back to me, and so many recommend me I know I must be doing something right! I measure my success in their success and in the past three years I have seen clients sign publishing deals and win competitions! I have mentored writers who couldn't get published and once I was able to show them why, I saw their writing strengthen and I saw them realise their dreams.  I quite  literally watched them grow. How lovely is that. They had it in them, they just needed a little guidance.


What some of my clients have said...





'Without the help Debz gave me on POV, character, plot and grammar when I was a newbie writer, I am certain I wouldn't be where I am today, with one book released and a second contracted for. I learned more from her excellent critiques then I did from two, far more expensive, writing course.'

Lucy Oliver, published short story writer, launched debut January 2013 -- more about her: Facebook


“It can difficult for the new or unpublished writer to let the world see his/her work. One of the biggest (and most worthwhile) steps that the new writer can take - is to send their work off to be critiqued professionally. Debz provides an excellent service; her comments are not only insightful but also extremely practical. She not only guides you in your writing endeavours but also, if needed, will suggest mild plot-enhancing ideas -- if your own need that extra push, which sometimes they might! I think it is invaluable that Debz is a 'working' writer, as it facilitates much more involved approach to the work she is critiquing. I would highly recommend her services -- for both the unpublished and published writer. She is also extremely prompt at getting your MS back to 


Julie- Ann Corrigan, published short story writer and aspiring novelist



"I was surprised and delighted with the critique Debz sent to me. It was hard hitting but made me realise my short comings. The way in which the advice was laid out was very useful and has been used by me to rework the stories. The summary was impressive and I shared the work and review with my class colleagues at our creative writing class so they would understand the service she provides.  Several were intending to make use of it in the future. Thank you for your encouragement."


Beth Browning, short story writer and aspiring novelist